The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services has been working with multi-sectoral government partners and local community and policing partners to develop the Provincial Approach to Community Safety and Well-Being.

This work began in 2009 with a partnership between the Ministry and the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) – together, these two groups initiated the development of a provincial response to crime and victimization.

This collaboration has culminated in both resources and legislation intended to support all communities across Ontario to develop their own Community Safety and Well-Being Plans.

The Plan

With a true history and spirit of collaboration, the majority of the Municipalities across the North Shore - as well as the organizations who serve them - have come together to create one, collaborative Community Safety and Well-Being Plan. The North Shore's Community Safety and Well-Being Plan will strengthen how we collaborate with partner organizations serving residents living in our region and will provide a community of support for committees already tackling the important issues that impact safety and well-being across North Shore.

Specifically, this Community Safety and Well-Being Plan provides a model for collaboration, planning and action that will shape how the Municipalities in the North Shore identify and respond to current and emerging issues through ongoing engagement with community stakeholders and regular assessment of local data.

In many respects, the Plan formalizes and coordinates the strong history of collaboration in the North Shore, and it also documents and builds on successful initiatives that are already improving safety and enhancing the well-being of our vulnerable populations.

Overview of the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan

Legal Requirements

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Additional information regarding Community Safety and Well-Being Plans can be in the following three booklets.


2021-2025 Community Safety & Well-Being Plan

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