The Town of Blind River's Planning and Development Services staff help members of the public and Town Council navigate land use planning in the community. This includes determining:

  • How our community should be shaped
  • Where homes and businesses should be built
  • Where parks and schools should be located
  • Where and how essential services should be provided

Book a pre-consultation meeting

Before you submit a planning and development application for a project in the community, please contact us to book a pre-consultation meeting to learn how to apply and what information or resources you may need.

Planning applications

We make several planning forms and applications available online. Download and complete your necessary forms and submit them to:

Phone: 705-356-2251, ext. 206
Fax: 705-356-7343

Please contact us if you need guidance with the applications or processes. We would be happy to help.

Official Plan

Our Official Plan sets out the land use policy directions for long-term growth and development in the municipality. It contains policies and maps governing various land use designations, such as:

  • Living areas
  • Employment areas
  • Rural and resource areas
  • Shoreline residential
  • Open spaces
  • Environmental protection
  • Future growth

The plan also incorporates policies around mineral aggregate resources, transportation, ground water protection and community improvement.


Our Zoning By-law further details the broad range of land uses as set out in the Official Plan. It aims to balance the interests of individual property owners with the needs of the whole community. The by-law details where buildings and structures can be located, lot sizes, building heights and setbacks, and maps of land use zones and permitted uses within each zone.

About our Planning and Development Services

Our Planning and Development Services department oversees development control and zoning, as well as long-range community planning. We provide information, expertise and guidance to community members around development approval processes, Official Plan policies and our Zoning By-law.

We perform the following functions within the Town:

  • Maintain a current Official Plan
  • Maintain a current, comprehensive Zoning By-law
  • Provide and process applications for community members to complete in order to approve consent applications, Zoning By-law amendments, Official Plan amendments, subdivisions, condominiums, site plans and various agreements
  • Provide compliance reports and lawyer's letters
  • Provide comments to the Planning and By-law Committee
  • Provide information to organizations and developers, consult with those looking to use planning services and respond to planning-based inquiries
  • Prepare reports to Council and documents to be made available to the public

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