Before digging in any location in the Town of Blind River, make sure you contact Ontario One Call to learn where critical service infrastructure is buried underground.

Whether you are planting a tree, digging a garden, or building a fence, pool, deck, house or garage, Ontario One Call provides free assistance to help you locate and avoid damaging underground infrastructure, such as:

  • Electrical service cables
  • Gas pipelines
  • Telecommunications cables
  • Water and sewer connections

Consequences of damaging underground infrastructure

Accidentally damaging underground infrastructure while digging can have serious consequences, including:

  • Creating a safety hazard or causing injury
  • Expensive restoration costs from property damage
  • Loss of essential services
  • Potential legal action

About Ontario One Call

Ontario One Call protects communities from the loss of service and harm caused by damages to underground infrastructure. They provide a locate request service that is reliable, timely and easy to use.

Ontario One Call acts as a communications link between buried infrastructure owners and property owners planning on digging. They relay all information to the buried infrastructure owners so they can physically mark the lines, pipes and cables with paint based on the request you submit.

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