If you operate a business in the Town of Blind River, you need a business license. Business licenses ensure public health, safety, and fair business practices.

Apply for a business license or renew a license

To apply for a new business license, or renew your current business license, submit a Business license Application online, by mail or in-person to the address below, along with the applicable fee, as per our Municipal User Fees By-law.

Town of Blind River
11 Hudson St
PO Box 640
Blind River ON, P0R 1B0

Taxi cab driver and vehicle licenses

To apply for or renew a taxi cab business license in Blind River, please submit a Taxi Cab Driver license Application or a Taxi Cab Vehicle license Application to the same address listed above.

Renewal date

Please ensure that your business license is renewed by March 1 for the upcoming year or you will have to pay the full licencing fee.

license fees

View business license application and renewal fees in our Municipal User Fees By-law.

Businesses that require a license

You need to apply for a business license if you own, sell or provide a:

  • Beautician or wellness service
  • Cleaning service
  • Leisure service
  • Restaurant, food service or tavern
  • Retail service
  • Sports/auto/marine supplies service
  • Transportation service

Please contact us if you are unsure of whether your business requires a license or which licenses you need.

View our Business Licencing Bylaw to learn more about business license rules and regulations.

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