Looking to start your next building or renovation project in the Town of Blind River? Before you get started, review and complete the necessary building permits and applications to notify us about the details of your construction project, and ensure appropriate standards, code compliance and safety.

Before starting a building project

We recommend contacting us by email at info@blindriver.ca or by phone at 705-356-2251, ext. 206 before starting your project to arrange a pre-consultation meeting and learn what kinds of permits, applications and documents you will need before beginning work.

You can also view our building checklists, frequently asked questions and the Government of Ontario's website to learn more about what kinds of projects require permits, the permit application and approval process, what information is needed, and more. The Ontario Building Code Act outlines the roles of the property owner/project initiator, designer and builder.

Letter of authorization

We require a letter of authorization if you are a property owner looking to authorize someone to act on your behalf to get a permit. Please include your completed Authorization for Application for Building Permit by a Person other than Legal Owner with your permit submission if this is the case.

Forms and applications

We provide several permit application forms and documents online. Please contact us if you need a form or other information that is not provided here.

Submitting your application

When you are ready to submit your application, please gather all completed forms and documentation and submit them via email to info@blindriver.ca or in-person, drop box or by mail to our main office at:

Town of Blind River
11 Hudson St.
Blind River, ON P0R 1B0


You can make payments for your building permit application with your completed submission at our main office or via e-transfer to etransfer@blindriver.ca. Please include a detailed description of your project with your e-transfer. View our current Building department fees or contact us for more information on costs.

Resources and agencies

Select the various agencies below to learn more about each of the following stakeholders who may have additional information to assist your building process:

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