The Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for the Town of Blind River is an exciting venture that was initiated by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee and supported by Town Council and the Town's Staff. The CIP is a part of the broader Corporate Strategy and Economic Development Plan.

The contributions made by the members of the Town, its staff, survey respondents and stakeholders who agreed to be interviewed, provided great value to the development of the corporate strategic plan as well as the most recent survey.

While assembled by the Project Team, the CIP is a true reflection of the wide ranging and insightful ideas of numerous individuals and groups who are actively engaged in the various facets of community and economic development. This program provides incentives to business owners for the community revitalization and to encourage economic prosperity in Blind River, both now and in the future.

What are the Community Benefits?

A Community Improvement Plan or CIP is a planning tool permitted under Section 28 of the Ontario Planning Act. CIPs also include financial incentives, which are legislated under Section 365.1 of the Municipal Act.

CIP's can provide several benefits for a community, including:

  • Stimulation of private sector investment in targeted areas through grants and loans from the Town;
  • Promotions of revitalization and place-making to attract tourism, business investment and economic development opportunities;
  • Promotion of brownfield cleanup and redevelopment;
  • Enhancement of streetscapes and building facades; and
  • Effective use of community infrastructure.

What are the key objectives?

1. Emphasize and enhance the character of Blind River to reflect its strong forestry history

2. Define building entrances

3. Unify and articulate building facades

4. Incorporate natural materials such as rock and timber

Does this sound like something your business would be interested in participating in?

The CIP program is a grant program. Funds will be reimbursed to you for your qualifying project.

Read the guidelines below to get more information and please feel free to call the Town Office at 705 - 356 - 2251 with all your questions and plans. We want to hear from you, we are eager to work with our local merchants to help improve our community together!

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