Canadians produce a total of more than 31 million tonnes of household waste each year. Make responsible choices. Don't trash it until you've tried to reduce, reuse or recycle it.

The Town of Blind River provides weekly recycling pickup services for our residents.

Pickup schedule

recycling pick up is every Thursday. Each week we alternate between cardboard and paper pickup and plastic and metal pickup. 

Please remember to ensure your materials are curbside by 7am every Thursday for collection. If items are not curbside by 7am, there is no guarantee they will be collected. Routing changes that could affect collection times can often occur for a number of reasons including weather, road closures and vehicle breakdowns.

View our 2024 recycling pickup schedule.

Blind River 2024 recycling pickup schedule
Type of recycling itemsPickup dates

Paper and cardboard


Paper and cardboard items that are NOT recyclable include:
• Greasy bottoms of pizza boxes
• Paper cups with lids
• Paper plates
• Paper towels
• Tissues

  • January 11 and 25
  • February 8 and 22 
  • March 7 and 21
  • April 4 and 18
  • May 2, 16 and 30
  • June 13 and 27
  • July 11 and 25
  • August 8 and 22
  • September 5 and 19
  • October 3, 17 and 31
  • November 14 and 28
  • December 12 and 26

Plastic and metal



Plastic and metal items that are NOT recyclable include:
• Chip bags
• Plastic bags, including grocery, garbage, milk and bread bags
• Plastic cups
• Plastic cutlery
• Plastic wrap
• Wire cords or hangers

  • January 4 and 18
  • February 1,15 and 29
  • March 14 and 28
  • April 11 and 25
  • May 9 and 23
  • June 6 and 20
  • July 4 and 18
  • August 1, 15 and 29
  • September 12 and 26
  • October 10 and 24
  • November 7 and 21
  • December 5 and 19

Recyclable items

When it comes to recycling, awareness is key. Contamination is the biggest issue impacting successful recycling practices today, when people throw in items they shouldn’t, such as grease-soaked cardboard, plastic bags or paint cans. This is why it’s important to know what you can recycle and what you can’t.


  • In a visible location on the ground as close as possible to the roadway (not behind shrubs, fences or snow banks)
  • On level ground

Do not:

  • Place items on top of snow banks. Instead, shovel an area that is flat and place your items there to prevent items from falling, slipping or tipping over. 
  • Place items on the sidewalk or travelled roadway.  This area must be kept clear for road or sidewalk maintenance crews. This is especially important during winter months.

Non-recyclable items can contaminate the whole truck and divert it to the landfill. 

Glass and Styrofoam

We do not accept glass, Styrofoam or gift wrap of any kind.

Purchase a blue box

You can buy a new blue box at our municipal office at 11 Hudson St. Please refer to our fees by-law for pricing.

Waste Recycling Strategy

View our Waste Recycling Strategy to learn how we are improving the efficiency of our recycling program and diverting waste away from our landfill.

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