Water Source: 

The Blind River Water Treatment Plant (WTP) sources its water from five groundwater wells that are under the direct influence of surface water (GUDI). There are eight GUDI wells in total, but only five are in service. 

Water Treatment Process: 

  • The treatment process begins with the raw water supply being adjusted for alkalinity and pH.
  • A coagulant is then injected, and the water is rapidly mixed to facilitate flocculation. This step helps in aggregating smaller particles into larger ones for easier removal .
  • The water is then passed through a dual media filter for removal of any harmful substances and subsequently through a granulated activated carbon (GAC) for further removal of compounds which affect taste and smell.
  • Primary disinfection is achieved through the injection of sodium hypochlorite, with contact time provided in a clearwell equipped with baffles. This ensures adequate disinfection before the water is distributed .
  • Filtration and chlorine contact are used to ensure the water meets all safety standards .


The Blind River Water Treatment Plant utilizes a combination of chemical treatment, coagulation, flocculation, filtration and disinfection to provide safe drinking water to the community.

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