You can register to receive emergency alerts and community information by text message, email or by phone in the Town of Blind River. Choose which types of alerts you want to receive and get immediate notifications for:

  • Election information and reminders
  • Local emergencies, such as floods or fires
  • Road work and closures
  • Upcoming community events, festivals and meetings
  • Water main breaks and repairs

Sign up for community alerts

Follow these steps to register to receive community alert notifications in Blind River.

 How to sign up for Blind River community alerts
 Learn how to sign up for community alert notifications from the Town of Blind River.
 Create a RAVE Alert account
 To create a free RAVE Alert account, fill in the required fields including your first and last name, email address, User ID, password, phone number and phone type. Read the Terms of Use and click on the check box to agree. Once complete, click “Create Account”. Please record your login information, as we cannot edit your account information.
 Enter your street address
 Adding your street address lets you receive location-specific notifications. Fill in your address type, street, city, province and postal code, then click “Continue”.
 Confirm your address on the map
 If your home address on the map is incorrect, click and drag the red cursor to the right location. Once your home address on the map is correct, click “Confirm this address”.
 Select your notification preferences
 On the “Alerts” screen, you can choose which types of notifications you want to receive and how you want to receive them. Select the contacts you want to receive notifications from by checking off the boxes next to the contacts. Next, select the types of notifications you want to receive. Lastly, select whether you want to receive each notification by text, phone call or email. Once complete, click “Save”.

Edit your information or preferences

To edit your account information or notification preferences, log in to your RAVE Alert account using your username and password. Edit your address and contact information or click “Edit Alerts” under “Alerts” to change your notification preferences.

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