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Waterfront Project

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Waterfront Project

Posted: 10/03/2022

May 31, 2022

We have visited merchants on Monday May 30th, and will continue making trips Downtown to drop off construction notices. This is where you will find updates on project details and temporary closures in work areas. Our goal is to have this project, once it begins, be completed in a seven-week work window. Stay tuned while our contractors work to mobilize equipment, materials, and staff.
Please keep checking back for more details.

June 13, 2022

Contractors are mobilizing equipment to the west shoreline. Workers are on site addressing various project prep tasks.
Thank you for giving the crew space to work.

June 17, 2022

Contractors are progressing well.
When the time comes to temporarily close the boat launch, notices will be posted here, as well as on the Town of Blind River Facebook and Instagram page.
This is required to improve the launch area of the waterfront.
The team is working to limit this inconvenience for all of you.
Thank you for your understanding.

June 23

Cement is going to be poured on the west side and commemorative benches have arrived! Stay tuned next week for information on how to purchase a bench to commemorate a loved one, group or association.
Thank you for your patience while we navigate product shortages.

July 6

Construction is progressing well. West pathways will be completed soon. Landscaping continues and we ask that you do your part to stay off the topsoil. Crews are starting to mobilize on the East. Commemorative Benches are over 50% sold. 
Thank you to all of you for sharing your positive feedback on this project as well as leaving the contractors plenty of room to work.

July 14

Contractors continue to progress well. As everyone can appreciate, stock has been a challenge. We are happy to report that both the permanent picnic tables as well as lighting components have shipped. Benches will be installed on the west side over the next week. Please do not walk on the topsoil areas. Stick to the pathways at this time. We expect to be finished the construction components by mid-august and are thrilled with the results so far.

July 21

Thank you all for the overwhelmingly positive feedback, calls, messages, and social media interactions. This project has been met with numerous challenges, and we all persevere thanks to your warm wishes.
Our project continues to move along well. We would like to clarify a few project components for all of you.
1. Docks are going in on both east and west shorelines to allow boaters to tie off and shop downtown or wait for their turn in the west launch area.
2. The shoreline has been hardened to mitigate erosion.
3. The end result will produce a stunning and user-friendly area.
4. This project has been funded by an incredibly generous grant. We look  forward to uploading the press release once permitted to do so.
5. We understand that this has impacted users and we thank you for your patience. The end result is worth the frustration.
Have a safe weekend.

July 25

We committed to sharing the press release once our generous funder announced their contribution!
Check out the link below to learn how FedNor has funded over 4.5 million in projects. None of our communities could do this alone. Blind River is thrilled to have been selected in this competitive application opportunity.
FedNor Invests over 45 million to upgrade public community spaces
Blind River receiving FedNor funding

PS: Stay tuned for updates on how many plastic containers were recycled into our commemorative furniture initiative. Every bit counts!

July 29

Some of you may notice that the fountain has been off for unusual stretches of time. This is to allow our contractors to finish our new cement as well as apply lightening agents correctly. 
The fountain will be switched back on between pours, and once construction is completed.
Thank you!

August 8

Remaining demolition of the former works and courthouse starts soon. Docks and tree lighting components are on schedule and expected to be installed by the end of August. Pollinator habitats are being established and will continue to be a project throughout the fall.
We are accepting donations of hosta, sedum, and Annabelle hydrangeas. Please email [email protected] if you'd like to arrange a drop off.
Permanent benches and tables will be installed over the next two weeks. Commemorative plaques will be installed by the end of August.

August 15

All of our beautiful benches and tables have sold out!
This week, we are expecting to:
 - Have lighting arrive
 - Install the east lookout railing
 - Continue planting your hosta and sedum donations

Home stretch everyone!

August 26

Our railing is installed on the east. Dock arrive in Blind River today. Keep those hosta and sedum donations coming! On September 6th, the courthouse demolition piece begins.
Thank you to the merchants and owners who are doing their part to tidy their buildings!

September 21

Contractors have been working to prep the former public works garage and courthouse for a full demolition. Beginning today, intermittent road closures on both Chiblow Street and Hudson Street may be required to keep the public safe. Our remaining docks for the waterfront are on the way. We expect to continue the installation process as they arrive. Please continue to drop off your sedum, hosta, and hydrangeas behind town hall. The pollinator gardens will be lush in no time!

October 3

Demolition of the courthouse is progressing well. A lot of you are wondering what will happen in this space. We are placing picnic tables, grass and trees in the spring. Thank you for your patience while we continue to beautify this space.

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