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We know that dealing with Cemetery matters can be difficult for yourself and your loved ones, whether you're planning ahead for the future or coping with  loss, we're here to help.

Start the Conversation

We discuss and plan so many events in our lives like graduations, weddings, new homes and retirement, but no one wants to talk about end of life and the decisions that have to be made. Finding a way to start talking with a loved one may be the most difficult part; however, you might find that once the conversations starts, it may be hard to stop.

 We want to assure you that this conversation is easier than you may think. Bringing your family together for an honest conversation about your plans and wishes is the first step. We consistently see that families who take this walk together have greater peace of mind. Now is the time to have the conversations, not when you are in crisis. End of life planning is more about living well. It's about documenting and sharing your plans with those who are most important to you.

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Pre-planning provides both financial and emotional benefits to loved ones, while ensuring your choices are carried out in the manner you wish. When a death occurs, there are many decisions that need to be made within the first few hours, making those decisions with a clear mind ahead of time allows your family to focus on loved ones while they work through their grief.

 The ability to pre-pay for your arrangements eliminates the stress associated with unexpected funeral expenses, allowing the family to work within a budget. Pre-paid arrangements also help ensure that no financial hardship is passed onto your loved ones. Arrangement costs are locked in at today's pricing no matter how many years in advance they are purchased. 

 If you have any questions or concerns regarding Hillside Cemetery, our dedicated employees are here to help and would be pleased to assist you. Please contact the Clerk's Department 705-356-2251 ext. 210 for assistance.

Please view the 2022 MUNICIPAL CEMETERY GUIDE for pricing and general information.

Please view the Hillside Cemetery Tribute Regulations document to see what you can and cannot place on or around a gravesite. 

Our Interment Rights Procedure document will provide you with information on your rights once a burial plot or niche is purchased.

 Hillside Cemetery Sign

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