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Paperless Billing

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Paperless Billing

Posted: 07/24/2020


It's quick and easy to sign up for paperless billing. This can be accomplished in two fast and simple ways.

1. Call the Municipal Office 705 - 356 - 2251 ext. 206 or you can e-mail and have Rachel add your account to the list, to receive your quarterly utilities invoice electronically. All you will need to provide is your name and e-mail address.


2. Sign up online yourself at
Find your access code on your current Quarterly Utilities Invoice. YOu can find this 5 digit code on the right hand side of your invoice, beside the "Account Details". You will also need your 10 digit Account#.
*Then go to our website and select Online Services, select Water Registration. Once there, the instructions are available to sign up for the e-billing option.

Our office is still closed to the public at this time, we are working diligently to modify our premises to be able to re-open safely for both the public and our staff. However, it is still business as usual and we are here to serve the community for all your needs and services. That includes making it easier for you to pay for any invoices you may receive from the Town. We have a number of easy pay options to suit your needs.

* e-transfer

You can send your payment for any services or invoices via e-transfer. Sign into your online banking and add the Town of Blind River as a payee at Don't forget to note on the e-transfer what you are sending payment for and any other information that may help in applying the payment accurately.

* cheque

We have two convenient drop off boxes at the front and rear of our building, or it can be mailed. Again, please remember to give as much information as possible with your payment; such as account numbers, your address, your name etc... that way we can ensure your payment is applied correctly.


You can drop off cash at the Municipal Office, however we advise that you call ahead of time to make an appointment and someone can meet you to take your payment and issue a receipt. Please ensure that you are wearing a mask when attending the office.


You can pay your Tax and Utilities invoice through your online banking institution. Add the Town of Blind River as a payee for water, with this you will need the 4 digits in the middle of your account when prompted to add your account number. Add the Town of Blind River for taxes, with this you will need your 19 digit roll number as your account number, no spaces or periods.

*pre-authorized payment plan

You can pay both your Tax and Utilities invoice with this convenient option. For water this can be accomplished with monthly
nstallments or quarterly installments which pays your invoice on the due date, which ever works better for you. For taxes there a number of installment increments to choose from, again it is what works best for you and your budget. If this sounds like a plan you are interested in, please call the Municipal Office today to set up your easy pre-authorized payment schedule.  

Please call today to book an appointment. Staff would be happy to assist with all your needs.
Call: 705 - 356 - 2251 

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