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Festivals and Recreation Sub-Committee

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The objective of the Festivals and Recreation Committee is to increase the quality of life and leisure on our community by fostering creativity, pride and community involvement in the provision of cost effective leisure opportunities and the management of public lands and facilities.


  • Providing opportunities for social interaction building a stronger, more cohesive and inclusive community
  • Providing opportunities to attract new businesses and residents by encouraging them to relocate to Blind River to take advantage of events coordinated by the Festivals and Recreation Committee
  • Fostering community development creating stronger community organizations and community leaders
  • Creating a feeling of civic pride among residents in that residents feel that Blind River is a great place to live

Service Delivery Principles

  • Developing and promoting program opportunities that are both cost effective for the municipality while remaining affordable to participants
  • Ensuring that the Festivals and Recreation Committee represents the full range of interest in the community including those of various ages, incomes and lifestyles.
  • Maintaining close contact and ongoing communication with all community interests and stakeholders
  • Collaborating with other agencies and organizations
  • Coordinating the development and best use of resources within the community based on continuous evaluation and long range planning.


  • Identify personnel roles and responsibilities related to the implementation of Festivals and Recreation development and service delivery
  • Augment the current supply of programs and expand programming in five key areas – youth, active living, outdoor recreation, adult/older adults and special events
  • Improve marketing and communication within and outside the community
  • Develop policies to support service delivery of Festivals and Recreation initiatives
  • Implement procedures for ongoing planning and evaluation
  • Update the role of the Festivals and Recreation Committee
  • Develop a Festivals and Recreation strategy which includes a calendar of events including Winter Carnival, Seniors Games, Canada Day, Community Days and the Children’s Christmas party.

Recommended Action Plans

  • An on-going planning process is required to support effective decision making
  • Community outreach for volunteer recruitment is required for both existing and new areas of interest, promotion/publicity information-sharing, partnership development etc.
  • Facilitate relationships with local agencies, organizations, levels of government etc. for the purpose of dealing with funding applications, setting up training programs etc.
  • Implement procedures for ongoing planning and evaluation
  • Confirm the role of the Festivals and Recreation Committee

Key Objectives

  1. To adopt an advisory role that supports and complements the perspective brought to Festivals and Recreation ideas by Council and the professional experience and advice offered by staff
  2. To focus broadly on Festivals and Recreation initiatives and development in the Town and offer an objective community wide perspective on outcomes.
  3. To occasionally serve as a working Committee and assist with special projects undertaken by the Committee

Mandate and Composition

  • The Committee includes members with a cross section of interests and a capacity to provide input on all Festivals and Recreation events;
  • The Committee members act in an advisory capacity.  Their value is providing another perspective on Festival initiatives and on bringing ideas to the attention of Council and Staff.  It is not a decision-making role and the Committee members are not involved in staff functions. For example, while Committee members may help to identify community wide needs and priorities they are not the authors of the Festivals budget.  Similarly, while Committee members may comment and provide input to policy directions or planning guidelines, implementation is a staff responsibility.
  • The Committee provides input on broad entertainment needs, trends, strategies and plans.  The Committee also identifies new program development that then could be pursued by staff or other service providers
  • The Committee provides assistance and advice to support some of the activities of staff such as assisting with special events, identifying volunteer training etc.
  • Ideas are written as resolutions to be moved by, seconded by and agreed on by a quorum of committee members.  These resolutions are then sent to Council where the final decision will be made.  Council will advise the committee which resolutions have been passed and which resolutions were not agreed upon by Council;
  • Committee members will be asked on the volunteer application form why they are interested in being on the Festivals and Recreation Committee and what they would like to accomplish during their tenure as a representative of the committee.  These goals will be shared with other committee members and could become part of the fiscal strategic plan;
  • Members of the Festivals and Recreation Committee are appointed by Council based on their interest and understanding of Festivals and Recreation initiatives, their willingness to commit their time and expertise to the Committee and ability and willingness to adopt a community-wide perspective.
  • The Festivals and Recreation Committee will consist of two representatives of council plus staff personnel with volunteer representatives;

    The total number of members is not to exceed eight (8) to ensure that all areas of Festivals and Recreation events are represented. 

  • Meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.

    Quorum for meetings is based on 50% plus one of the voting members present (excludes staff).

  • Members who are not available to attend should contact the Committee Secretary when they are not available to attend a meeting.
  • If a Committee member is absent from three consecutive meetings without cause or notification to the secretary, they will be asked to tender their resignation.
  • A strategic planning document will be in place for the fiscal year based on the approved budget, the goals of the committee and the critical path for implementation.
  • A the end of the fiscal year and the term of some Committee members, a report card on successes will be generated in relation to the strategic plan to celebrate the achievements and review the issues that remain outstanding.

Sub-Committee Members

J. Dunbar, Councillor
J. Posteraro, Councillor
L. Lamorie
M. Ethier
E. Nyman
M. Schwehr
R. Christianson

Meeting Times: 7:00pm on the 1st Tuesday of each month

Location: Council Chambers

Agendas & Minutes