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Water & Sewer Services

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Town of Blind River

11 Hudson Street
Blind River, Ontario, P0R 1B0
Phone: 705-356-2251
Fax: 705-356-7343

Jo-Anne Horton, Water Clerk 
Phone: 705-356-2251 ext. 201

Water Services

Blind River Drinking Water System Report to Owner on DWQMS March 2, 2015
Blind River Drinking Water System DWQMS Operation Plan 205-401

Blind River Drinking Water System Annual & Summary Reports 2014
Blind River Drinking Water System Annual & Summary Reports 2015

Town of Blind River Automated Drinking Water Well Waste Reduction System Case Study

Système automatisé de réduction des déchets dans un puits d'eau potable - Étude de cas

Water Billing Branch

The Town of Blind River is responsible for Water and Wastewater readings, billings, and collection services.  All payments and inquiries regarding your water consumption should be made payable to and forwarded to the Town of Blind River.

Water and wastewater billings are issued quarterly for all accounts. The bill amounts are determined by the cubic metre(s) of consumption of water as registered by your water meter. The water meter is read electronically by the Town of Blind River on a quarterly basis.

Owners & Tenants

All water billings are the responsibility of the owner of the dwelling and all billings will be directed to the owner. To have the tenant responsible for water and wastewater costs the owner will have to provide the billing to the tenants. The responsibility for payment remains with the owner.

Billing & Collection Policy

Outstanding amounts will be charged interest of 1% percent per month (12% per annum):

Collection of Water and Sewer (Policy No: 1.3.4)

Water & Wastewater Rates

  • Install / Uninstall M x U - $75.00
  • Install/ Uninstall Water Meter - $150.00
By-Law No. 14-23
By-Law No. 15-31
By-Law No. 16-11
By-Law No. 17-10