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Planning & Development

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Ontario Building Code (OBC) Updates

Contact Information

John Jones, Manager Building, Planning and By-Laws
11 Hudson Street
Blind River 
Ontario, P0R 1B0
Phone: 705-356-2251, ext. 209
Fax: 705-356-7343

Rachel Kennepohl
Administrative Assistant to the Building and Planning Department
Phone: 705-356-2251, ext. 206
Fax: 705-356-7343


Application forms are available online for your convenience.

Forms may be downloading to review and complete with relevant information to file with staff at the Municipality office located at 11 Hudson Street. Blind River, Ontario, P0R 1B0.

Click on the relevant file below to download. Application forms are available in PDF format.


Planning & Development Services houses both Planning and Building.  Planning oversees development control and zoning as well as long range community planning.

The Planning Department provides information, expertise and guidance to the public relative to development approval processes, Official Plan Policies and the Zoning By-Law.

The services offered are as follows:

  • Providing information to organizations and developers; consulting with those seeking or considering using planning services; responding to telephone and counter inquiries
  • Maintaining a current Official Plan
  • Maintaining a current comprehensive Zoning By-law
  • Processing applications to approve Consent Applications, Zoning By-law amendments, Official Plan amendments, subdivisions, condominiums, site plans and various agreements
  • Providing compliance reports and lawyer's letters
  • Providing comments to the Planning & By-Law Committee
  • Preparing reports to Council and documents for reference by the public

Official Plan

An Official Plan is a statutory document which sets out the land use policy directions for long-term growth and development in a municipality.  It is not to be confused with the Zoning By-law which further details the broad range of land uses set out in the Official Plan. 

The Town of Blind River Official Plan contains policies governing various land use designations, such as Living Area, Employment Area, Rural and Resource Area, Shoreline Residential, Open Space, Environmental Protection and Future Growth Policy Area. These designations are broadly established on a land use map. Other policies relating to Mineral Aggregate Resources, Transportation, Ground Water Protection and Community Improvement are incorporated into the Plan.

Click on one of the links below to view the Town of Blind River Official Plan:

Comprehensive Land Use Zoning By-Law

Planning & By-Laws Committee

The Planning & By-Laws Committee reviews planning applications for Zoning By-Law Amendments, Consents and Official Plan Amendments and Site Plan Control.

  • Sever new lots or grant rights-of-way and/or registered easements, lot additions
  • Enlarge or extend an existing legal non-conforming building or structure; and
  • Change a legal non-conforming use to one which is either similar to or more compatible with the uses permitted by the Zoning By-law.

The Town of Blind River Planning & By-Laws Committee consists of three (3) members appointed by Council. The Committee meets to consider applications on a monthly basis or as needed.