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911 Tips

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Prepare yourself, in the event of an emergency, with the following tips:

  • Teach children when and how to use 911
  • During a power outage phones that require an electrical outlet will not work.

Civic Address

  • Know your civic address, it may differ from your mailing address
  • Your civic address is the street name and number that are assigned to you residence for 911 emergency purposes
  • Write your address and phone number in large print on, or near your telephone
  • Make sure the street address numbers on your residence are clearly visible
  • When away from home, always know your location.

Cellular Phones

  • If you call 911 from your cellular phone, you MUST know your location
  • If your location is unknown, be prepared to describe it with cross streets

Prank 911 Calls

  • Prank 911 calls are a criminal offence
  • If dispatchers are busy with prank or non-emergency calls someone with a real emergency may not get the help they need.

What Happens when you Call 911

  • When you call 911, your call will be answered by a trained operator at a central call centre.
  • The operator will ask you if you require Police, Fire or Ambulance and connect you to the service you require.
  • When connected you will be ask the nature of your emergency.
  • Stay on the line, DO NOT HANG UP unless you are instructed to by the operator.

Never Call 911 for

  • Directory Assistance
  • Fallen power lines (call Hydro One)
  • Information about road conditions, school closings or to get directions.